use your heart to speak

Speak your heart and trust – you are not in danger. You might get a bit bruised, but by being authentic and true to you, there is nothing to fear. Speaking your heart – even if you’re hurting, even if what it’s saying is somewhat unclear – is about learning, healing and giving. At the root of you and of me there is a pull to do all three. For others, for ourselves, for both at once. heart full of flowers

We all have the ability to self-heal – it’s just about accessing that power, and being not only brave enough but self-trusting enough to do so. We often view vulnerability as the danger from which we need healing. The barrier that prevents us from connecting. Yet vulnerability and speaking your heart is actually the bridge that forms connection; it’s the honesty that gives us the power to heal.

{a brilliant excerpt from The Chalkboard Magazine's Empower Point: Speak Your Heart by Katie Horwitch, 6.20.14}
photo credit: artist unknown