happy fall equinox

fall equinox The autumnal equinox invites you to focus on balance in your life. The balance between the life you have and the one you seek. The balance between the love you show yourself and the love you show others. The balance between your health and the health that is within reach.

All the areas of your life require some level of balance but striving for balance alone can make you, well, imbalanced. It's not realistic to be balanced all the time; part of the journey is to find a way to accept ourselves in those moments and then move through them with ease.

With the arrival of fall, attend to the following questions {make a list}:

  • what do I need more of?
  • what do I need less of?
  • what can I do today to feel more balanced?

Happy Fall Equinox from the plan {A} holistic life™ team.

{photo credit: Aneta Ivanova, via pinterest}