biography is biology

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your biography becomes your biology

{Caroline Myss}


The body never lies. All that you hold in, suppress, deny and cannot forgive has a place in your body. What is unresolved remains and manifests as chronic pain, irritability, weight gain, depression, illness, headaches, emotional eating etc...I would offer that injury of the heart plays a significant role in overall wellness...overall quality of life.

We hold on to our past, not just as part of our story but as a part of our identity. We allow ourselves to be defined by our history; forgetting that, at any given moment we can rewrite our story by focusing on the present with the understanding that it transforms our future.

Our work on this journey, is not to forget, but to forgive. To look at ourselves with absolute love and compassion for all the parts of us that make us whole. The good. The bad. The messy. To let go of the anger, the sadness and the loss of self that has been imposed at the hands of another. To free ourselves of the burden of another person's brokenness {humanity} so that we can tap into the very real power of self-love and our own infinite potential.

pinterest 3Your body holds the roadmap to your deepest wounds. Your heart holds the ultimate resource for the medicine needed...endless love. To decide to love our self - again and again - every day, is the first step to all manner of healing.

We begin when we can say:

I am whole. I am forgiven. I am love.


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