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energy i Energy. We talk about it a lot now but I am not sure we really know what we're saying. Yes, it's real. It's right there in every moment. It's present between each of us + between everything + also within...but again, what are we really talking about? An article on really captured it for me + I've included an excerpt of my favourite part + a link to the whole article {which is an excellent read!} below. Understanding + exploring your energy is an essential component to heart strong living.

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Blocked Energy by Aimee Falchuk

In my practice I work with energy blocks and the restoration of energetic integrity. After all, we can all recall moments when we’ve felt in our flow. Our mind is open and flexible, our breath is deep and rhythmic, and we feel spacious in our body. When we are in flow, we hold a healthy balance between expansion and contraction, and activation (doing) and receptivity (being/allowing). We allow our reason (thinking), emotion (feeling) and will (doing), to work in partnership with each other. We have faith in ourselves and in the process, and we find ourselves appropriately undefended. We call this being in energetic integrity.

Most people I know, including myself, find these moments of energetic integrity short-lived. Many people will more often describe their energy as feeling blocked, stagnant, or stuck. Their thinking is fixed and narrow. Their breath is held, shallow, or uneven and certain muscles feel tight or weak. Energetically they feel ungrounded, over-bound (separate), under-bound (enmeshed), or fragmented. They find it difficult to hold a healthy balance between doing and being, giving and receiving. They are aggressive or submissive. They are either overly reasonable, overly emotional, or overly willful. They struggle with stubbornness, procrastination, perfectionism, obsessive thinking, exaggerated individualism, or conformity...


When we lack faith in the process or in ourselves, our energy is blocked. In this place we are unable to turn our will over. There is no surrender here. Instead, we force our energy onto situations or people because we do not trust we will get what we need—we believe the only way in is to force our way in. Our energetic grip is tight and controlling and creates a demand such as, “give it to me,” or, “I will make you love me.” We call this a forcing current of energy...

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{photo credit: Kelley Bozarth}