the work: how to stay heart strong in times like these

cracked open  

one: get some rest

we are bombarded with images of violence, suffering + pain. we are overwhelmed with the language of hate + incessant vitriol...this level of exposure is too much for our physiology. we cannot process this volume of negative energy without becoming exhausted + emotional. so please dear ones, get some rest. have the soothing chamomile lavender tea. sage yourself. surround yourself with rose quartz. try the ionized magnesium. breathe deeply + let it go. surrender it + go to sleep.

two: unplug now

literally. disconnect your wi-fi. turn off your tv. walk away from anything that is emitting any type of frequency + go outside. if you have a green space near you, go there. if you have an art gallery near you, go there. botanical gardens, a museum, a body of water...anywhere that is quiet + that nourishes your soul. the internet + media gives us so much but it also takes too much away. we are robbed of our own measured pace for consuming information...we don't have the time to process, to apply critical thinking or to research one thing before we are aggressively pushed on to the next. we are not meant for this kind of consumption all the time. so take 15mins or an hour or day. take what you need to exhale it all out. exhale. it. all. out.

three: make yourself a cup of herbal tea

seriously. take a moment + have a cup of roobois tea or lemon balm tea or chamomile lavender tea or ashwaganda tea. slow down + be present for the ritual of preparing yourself a cup of tea. nothing with caffeine because it stimulates anxiety + that is not what you need right now. sit quietly + breathe deeply as the water comes  to a boil. select your loveliest mug. slowly pour the hot water. let cool just a bit + add your herbal tea bag. let steep 10 mins. drink slowly + continue to take deep breaths between each sip. try to clear your mind of anything but the moment + stay there until you can feel calm rippling through your body.

four: you can let people think the wrong thing

it will never be your job to change someone's mind. it is a burden placed upon you by your ego. you do not actually need anyone to agree with you or see your point of view. you do not have to get involved in emotionally unsafe conversations to prove a point or to dispel ignorance. it is a futile errand to have other people agree with your thoughts. you can believe what you believe, stay aligned in your values + not try to convince anyone of anything. that would be okay. to be heart strong is to have the strength to let people find their own way {even if it takes way too long}.

five: get involved + do something

sometimes we need to do something to soothe the agitation in our soul. no matter the cause that resonates with you, if the stirring is deep, do something. I can't tell you what that something should be, but I can tell you that making a difference feels good. being part of positive change feels good. helping. giving. volunteering. fundraising...all of it feels so good. if you need to do it - do it. do not sit idly in the space between the problem + the solution with your mind fixated on the problem {this is not holistic wellness!}. get moving + take action. you will never regret trying, or discovering yourself as an agent of change.

six: be a soldier for love

now is the time. if ever there was a time for you to be a beacon of light, love, compassion + kindness, it is now. represent the goodness that exists in the world. shift dialogue away from divisiveness to inclusion. encourage the weary to rest. bring people together for healing. connect. check in on those who may be impacted - bring food. plant a tree. hold the light. be the love. bring grace wherever you go + err on the side of tenderness. have an unwavering conviction to be what the world needs + to contribute energy that balances the imbalance. love is a verb. love is powerful. love is everything.

seven: acknowledge your pain

cry. really let yourself cry. scream. journal with abandon. cuss. dance. run. workout. do it. do whatever you have to do. do not keep it all in. yesterday, I sobbed uncontrollably for 3 hours. my body was shaking. my tears were so hot with anger + frustration...I could not get past what I was feeling. I could not articulate what hurt so much + why. so I decided to feel it + let it pass through me. by fully accepting the state that I was in I could arrive at the impermanence of my sadness. when we fight, suppress or deny our own feelings we create internal turmoil which lengthens the suffering. accept your very real humanity. have compassion for your need to express your emotions + let them flow through you. we only get blocked energy + stagnation when we place our ego's need to control everything  above our heart's ability to heal everything. stay heart strong + expansive; hold steady in that space even when it's hard. your ego will keep you weak, small + in the rabbit hole of suffering.

eight: take care of yourself

go to your healer. we can't do it all ourselves, sometimes we need the help of professionals. we are fortunate enough to have access to a multitude of healing modalities. people that have the skills to heal us right down to a cellular level. people that can see what you cannot see about your pain + provide you with relief. if this is not accessible to you go to a community {reduced rate} yoga class at a good studio. go for a really long walk in nature. read uplifting words. I can't tell you what you specifically need without knowing you, but I can tell you that you need to listen to yourself without delay.

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I hope these tools offer you some respite right now. Increasing my self-care has become a necessity in the wake of the ongoing tragedies in our world. My heart aches for all those that are suffering and those dealing with acute loss in their lives. I leave you with the Metta Prayer for yourself and for everyone. 

all my love to you, alicia.

May I be happy, healthy and whole. May I have love, warmth and affection. May I be protected from harm, and free from fear. May I be alive, engaged and joyful. May I enjoy inner peace and ease. May that peace expand into my world and throughout the entire universe.

May all beings be happy, healthy and whole. May they have love, warmth and affection. May they be protected from harm, and free from fear. May they be alive, engaged and joyful. May all beings enjoy inner peace and ease. May that peace expand into their world and throughout the entire universe.

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{image via Pinterest, photographer/sculptor unknown}