The Next Layer Podcast™ interview: Jarel Cockburn

...talking to my husband about partnership, love + how to create a heart strong relationship... crystal couple

"...we have to win as a team for me to win..."


" have to keep asking yourself, are we going to be better after this?"  

In this episode, we talk about:

  • building a heart strong partnership, brick by brick
  • the importance of self-awareness in relationships
  • taking responsibility for your role as a partner
  • how meditation makes you better at love
  • why it's okay to compartmentalize {the cave}
  • saying goodbye to the ego for good
  • how + why we stopped fighting
  • truly shifting your mind from 'I' to 'WE'

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special thanks to my love for exploring these topics with me

jc 01

Jarel's bio...

  • Father to Jaylin + Maya; two exceptional + wonderful human beings
  • Managing Partner at Datagnaw Inc. {management consulting + analytics firm serving clients in various industries including, sports and entertainment, retail, hospitality, tech, manufacturing, and supply chain}
  • Founder and/or board member of a few other companies in the real estate + tech. fields {we won't list them all here}
  • Background in private equity + tech
  • Graduated from Columbia University in NYC
  • CityTv Athlete of the Week, 1997
  • TV Shows: Walking Dead, Billions, Game of Thrones
  • Workout: olympic lifting + running
  • Favourite book: Mastery by George Leornard