self-love sucks or...


Nobody needs you more than you right now.

My heart whispered this to me today; one part frustration with myself + one part declaration. I know what that means. It means it's time. There is an element in self-love that we don't talk about enough. It's the self-preservation piece. When your self-love starts to impact your every day life.

Basically the part where you start pissing people off.

I am frustrated because practicing self-love means that I have to disappoint people, challenge people + cause them discomfort. I have to say no when I feel it + not provide affable excuses to ease the tension of my truth. I have to stand strong in my authenticity in the face of an increasingly superficial world. I have to embody what it means to be true to myself + harmoniously aligned with my values or {to be perfectly blunt} I have to be...

Unapologetic. Tough. Deliberate. Uncompromising + Finite.

Plus, it is also a declaration for the end of things. I will no longer be sidelined, steam rolled or taken for granted. My voice will be heard. I will not be pushed + pulled within the grey area of life for the convenience of others. Taking a side + being counted is the hard thing, but it is always the right thing. My heart is only interested in doing the right thing. In fact my self-love depends on it. I will honour my body + not contaminate it with crappy food or crappy thoughts or crappy talk. I will not be subjugated by history + society's false narrative on what makes a woman beautiful.

It is such hard work; it takes discipline, focus + resolve + you must practice it every day.

I will hold reverence for God + Mother Nature + faith in my own Soul. My deepest prayer will be: Thank You. My potential will not go unrealized + my time will not be wasted. I will breathe compassion into my body with every passing breath + make regular rest my rebellion from this imposed madness.

Self-love is a mix of Self-Acceptance + Self-Compassion. Straight. No chaser.

Self-love sucks because it asks for all of you. Not just the parts that you think are better or good or worthy. Nope that's not enough. All of you is required. You will have to admit that you are whole, perfect + precious just as you are. Every. Day. Frustrating. Yes. Inconvenient. Yes. Isolating. Yes. Intense. Yes. Inflexible. Yes.

Your self-love sucks. But mostly for other people. Is it worth it? Absof*ckinglutely.

with love, alicia.xx

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