The Next Layer Podcast™: Bryonie Wise + I: more about how love is the foundation of everything


"all of this living is really an exchange" {b.wise}


"however your love + loving shows up, it's the showing up that matters" {a.mathlin}

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we are so grateful for all the love, support + sharing we received on our first podcast together.  THANK YOU. your feedback gave us a lot to think about + made it lovely for us to create more for you. we hope that this episode of the podcast gives you some deeper insight into the idea of living from your heart. the world needs more love + so do you.

we love you. alicia + bryonie.

In this episode, we explore:

  • what it means beyond how great it sounds
  • how to apply it to your every day life
  • the approach to love you inherit vs. the right way to love for you
  • why you need to take out your mind trash every day
  • our imbalanced relationship with rest + food
  • more...

bonus: we included 5 tips to get you started. one love.

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