The Next Layer Podcast™ interview: an interview with Jane Clapp on understanding self-worth, why boundaries are important + what a mind/body connection can really mean.

Jane Clapp

"'re already in it; you don't have to start over..." {J. Clapp}

Before listening to this interview, I have to inform you that you will need a pen + paper. You may also need tissues. Jane Clapp has a wonderful way of distilling our experiences + providing the kind of clear insight that only someone so open + so knowledgeable can provide. You may need to listen a few times to catch it all.

love, alicia.

In this episode, we explore:

  • the value of reparenting yourself
  • the thing that might be inhibiting your meditation practice
  • the next layer of body intelligence {!}
  • rewiring the connection betweeen your money {your business} + your self-worth {!}
  • what mind/body connection really means
  • what we can do better for little girls
  • and so much more...

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{photo credit: Jane Clapp's Website}

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{Jane's beautiful gentle dog, Maggie}