a note on the mother wound

Maybe the most useful reflection is to realize the gift of the negative. This points to the understanding that what was not given or was poorly given is also valuable because of what it elicits from you. Much of your wisdom comes from having to cope with the pain and uncertainty you experienced as a child. The negative mothering experiences helped form your priorities, taught you what was important... They are a critical part of your inheritance; they forced you to know yourself and to develop a sense of right and wrong...

If you do not receive the negative as a gift, if you see it only as suffering, you reduce your relationship to life and distort the richness of your life experiences. Moreover, you are far less likely to make your life all it can be. It is this failure to manifest your own values that would be the true tragedy. This understanding is a key to your own empowerment...transform your mother wound into an enhanced sense of aliveness and freedom.

Can you feel this potential in your heart?

{text by Phillip Moffitt + image via pinterest}

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