should we get rid of the cheat meal?

One of my goals here is to change some of the language and rhetoric around the way we nourish ourselves.  How many times a day are we told what to think, how to think and how to feel about what we eat? The words are often loaded with guilt, shame or failure and designed to make you feel awful about yourself. Not cool at all.

So from time to time, we're going to take one of these words {and other things from mainstream diet culture} and recommend that we get rid of it. We call it our let's get rid of...category. Let's just kick some of this stuff to the curb and be done with it in our lives for good.

let's get rid of...


We believe the word implies that somehow you've gone against yourself and the bigger plan you've made to get healthy. Somehow you've done something naughty by eating dessert, having a glass of wine or enjoying a fresh plate of pasta. You haven't. You haven't cheated in any way at all. You have actually mitigated the inevitable.

Cheat meals tend to show up in strict eating plans and even stricter ways of achieving weight loss. They are sold as a gift for all your hard work but in actuality these meals or snacks are necessary to prevent your body from adapting to your new diet plan and rendering it {and all your efforts} ineffective.

Your body is a well designed, unique and precious system to be worked with, not against. True change happens when there is no resistance and when your mind accepts that the benefits of making a change outweigh the comforting familiarity of staying the same.

we believe that helping you understand your own body and why you eat the way you do leads to self-compassion. self-compassion leads to an empowered you and an empowered you leads to the right food choices. no need to cheat. just self-love. and that's always cool.

Bye Bye Cheat Meal.