openness is spirituality

If we are overly attached to a persona, such as that of “being spiritual,” we tend to put too much pressure on embodying that persona. We glue ourselves to expectations, and lose the sense of flexibility, presence, and connection that is actually much more relevant to spirituality and self-discovery. This is the tyranny of aspiration. Deep spirituality isn’t just about having a rigorous meditation practice or reciting spiritual texts correctly. It’s about asking questions and challenging our beliefs, and the beliefs of others. Sometimes that means pushing back on things we might, at face value, identify as spiritual...

...After all, there is comfort in an ideal. But the more difficult and more alive part of my spiritual practice was realizing the power of openness — in directly experiencing uncertainty, distress, and ambiguity. {Sharon Salzberg}

David Marcu

Remember, it's important to understand that even in our efforts to be "better" or "more whole," we can lose sight of our deep purpose on the quest to achievement...there is no finish line to your becoming...your soul is having a human experience...for now. No pressure.

Make it wonderful.

love, alicia.xo

{photo credit: David Marcu}