my 5 tips for holistic + heart strong living at home

My very first apartment was 350 sq.ft. For the first 4 months I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag + ate 1 package of ramen noodles a day. I was so happy to be out on my own that it didn't matter that I had just enough money to pay the bills + get to work. Eventually, I would live in a number of other places. I would even manifest living in my dream city {Paris. one year. one beautiful + rare opportunity}.  Anyway, please know I have moved a lot.

And the most important thing I've learned is that...

holistic + heart strong living has nothing to do with what you have + everything to do with how you want to feel. 

The following tips keep me aligned + make my home a place of wellness, healing + peace every day. I hope they do the same for you.

mad love,alicia.xo


1. keep inspiration everywhere

I believe that being the best you - every day - takes commitment, discipline + inspiration. Our eyes should always fall on things that resonate in our hearts + promote the highest vision we have for our lives. It's an easy way to remain connected to our intentions + kept on the light track.

A brass Lakshmi {the goddess of prosperity} from my best friend sits prominently in my workspace, alongside an amethyst crystal for its high frequency - a gift from my Mom + a Buddhist Eternity Knot which symbolizes the connection between one’s spiritual path + the movement of time.


2. have greenery in your space

Let me begin by saying you mustn't be afraid to care for plants! There are so many low maintenance varieties to explore + build your confidence with - you can start with a little succulent or a simple ivy...I find that plants bring so much joy to a home; they are an inexpensive way to add colour, nature + depth to your surroundings. It's difficult to be miserable around a lot of plants + caring for them is an easy way to practice compassion. Also, watching them grow + expand is empowering.

My husband calls this window sill the jungle + gently checks on the plants to make sure they have enough water +'s very cute.


3. art for the heart

When I was young my Mom taught me to love art. We went to galleries, exhibitions + shows. Visual. Performance. Musical. Live. All of it. I started buying art before I started buying furniture. No regrets. When selecting art be sure it holds your attention for a few minutes, ask yourself how the piece makes you feel {joyful? nostalgic? peaceful? strong?} + visualize where it will be in your home or office. If all of these criteria flow easily for you...get it. Consider it an investment in your self. Art reminds us of who we were at a moment in time or who we hope to be in the future. Either way, it is all about you.

For some reason I started placing my art on the floor...maybe because I spend a lot of time sitting on the ground, I don't know but it gives me more space to display my pieces + move them around with ease. 


4. make space for your spirit

I burn sage at the end of the day. Exhale deeply to the sound of my Tibetan singing bowl. I light tiny cedar cones because it transports me to sitting by the fire in the woods. My Buddha sculpture reminds me of what I've learned about inner peace + a shell allows me to hear the ocean. Crystals can be found everywhere, of course. A gift from a client holds a yoga mudra {the connection of index finger + thumb symbolizes elated consciousness}. What my spirit needs changes every day; sometimes I want to power up + other times I need to ground down. No matter what I need, the tools I use to reconnect to myself or to source energy are readily available.  My yoga mat is always within reach for meditation or movement. Nothing is positioned in a formal way {I don't like the pressure}.


 5. be a clean minimalist

I do not like stuff. At all. I like empty space. As much as possible. Clutter creates a very subtle stress. Having too many things will agitate your soul. The beauty of a lot of empty space is the feeling of freedom + deep calm. It's the reason why people love staying in hotels so much; the openness of the space + the absence of stuff. Also, keep things clean + tidy; doing a little bit every day prevents the day long cleaning job. I keep all natural lavender scented multi-use cleaners under every sink. I wipe things down every couple of days + dry swifter the floor twice a week. I burn sage or palo santo wood around our home on Sundays to prepare the energy + set positive intentions for the week.

I believe you should be able to exhale when you get home. You should be able to let go. Unfold. Drop the armour. Escape. Rest. You should do whatever you need to do to feel that way. Seriously. You should feel like you are living a holistic + heart strong life every day.