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Have you heard of On Being with Krista Tippett? My Mom introduced me to the website and podcast {there's an app too} +  I have to say I am deeply engaged. The content is rich, thoughtful, heartfelt + current. On Being reminds you that words hold power, healing, insight, community + connection. Open your ears. Open your heart. Open your mind.

love, alicia.xx

On Being opens up the animating questions at the center of human life: What does it mean to be human, and how do we want to live? We explore these questions in their richness and complexity in 21st-century lives and endeavors. We pursue wisdom and moral imagination as much as knowledge; we esteem nuance and poetry as much as fact.

A few excerpts below...

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Part of interdependence is the act of recognizing, rather than ignoring or denying, when our actions don't align with our aspirations. We harness the power of our attention to resist the impulse to shut down, to separate, to judge. In that open space, we simply see life as it is: connected to us entirely, within and without. {Sharon Salzberg}

- from The Kindness Rebellion

The physical is already illuminated with the presence of the sacred. If we care about the spirit, we cannot avoid concern with the here and now. The spiritual is about the social, the mystical is also about the political. The cosmic in us has to be about both changing the human and changing the world of which we are a part. The healing inside and the healing of the world are wrapped up in one another. {Omid Safi}

from The Spiritual is Political

It’s equally true that the better we understand our own stories, the more human we become. Revisiting our own experiences with otherness and trying to learn from them is key to becoming the people we want to be. It gives us a chance to live into the best of our stories and transcend the worst. {Parker J. Palmer}

- from Five Stories About Otherness and Me

for more go straight to www.onbeing.org