a quiet life

I always carry a moleskine notebook around with me. It holds my ideas, inspiration, plans, quotes + sometimes just a word or two that I don't want to forget. All the notebooks I've had find their way to full + then they get stored away for safekeeping...as I was closing out this last one I came across something I'd copied down that seems relevant to this moon + the state of things. Sadly, I do not know the author's name {if you're out there please let me know so that I can thank you + credit you for your gift with words}. These words - right now - are keeping me grounded + focused + clear in my truth + my heart needs it so very much. The world is changing + now more than ever, I am committed to living a heart strong life; rooted in love, compassion, grace + reverence for all. 

Warmly, Alicia.


Want I want is a quiet life.

I mean a life that listens to other people, to my place, to silence. I want to notice even the smallest things, to stay immediate to my surroundings. But daily distraction can be so fragmenting, so addictive, and the kind of attentive patience I seek requires clarity of mind.

To find this clearheadedness, I must make a commitment to do so - I have to say NO to the constant frenzied consumption of needs {more often wants and excesses} and I have to make room for the quiet contented YES I desire.

{author unknown + photo by Edwin Andrade}