heart strong inspo #2

so motivational

I have never actually been to the Wanderlust Yoga Festival but I am so happy they've launched a podcast of their talks; I am a big believer in listening to things that reset, empower or align you back to your higher self. My favourite episode so far is this oneon The Ritual of Recovery by Elena Brower; the first time I listened to it I cried + my heart cracked open.

"...I was addicted to ignoring what I knew..."

—Elena Brower

You can find the Wanderlust Speakeasy podcast on iTunes here.

so worth thinking about


The art of being sensitive strengthens our resilience when we dare to love what-is. Loving what-is means accepting the truth of whatever moment we’re in. But loving what-is also means keeping our heart open long enough to feel and accept everything else that is happening at the same time, around us and beyond us. —Mark Nepo

To read the entire article on the Art of Being Sensitive by Mark Nepo click here.

{art by Lourdes Sanchez via Pinterest}

so worth trying


Making Space for Intuition by Jill Willard; an 8 minute talk with a 1 minute meditation on clearing + clarity.

You can view that talk here.

Also, I am really enjoying Jill's book Intuitive Being: Connect with Spirit, Find Your Centre + Choose an Intentional Life; it's a lovely exploration on how to harness the intuitive power inside you to achieve radical self-empowerment + spiritual awakening.

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