Conscious Living Guide. Meditation Instructor. Yoga Teacher {500hrs}. Holistic Nutritionist. Essential Oils Educator. Wellness Workshop Facilitator. Speaker. Writer. Mentor. {former} International Business Executive - London + Paris.



I was a quiet kid with my nose in a book most of the time, but around age 8 I became a full throttle extrovert. Silence was uncomfortable for me so I tried to make everyone around me happy...all the time. My parents put me in french immersion from kindergarten through to my final year in high school... so yes, I can speak French {but rather slowly}. I was 13 when I volunteered at the West Scarborough Boys & Girls Club and realized that giving back was always going to be a part of my life. I went on to study international business and secretly fell in love with global economics. My Mandarin teacher told me he appreciated my positive attitude and grit {谢谢}, but still I “should drop his class and take Spanish”... to this day I regret that I quit something because someone else thought it would be too hard for me.


In my late 20s, I came to the realization that I had built my life on other people's expectations {or maybe lack thereof?!}.  I set about rebuilding my life on my own terms. I found professional success in the luxury industry in Toronto, London and Paris, but deep in my heart I knew that the luxury field wasn't my calling. I wanted to help people and didn't know where to start; I volunteered as an ambassador for the Canadian Women's Foundation {and personally moved 2 women out of poverty and helped raise funds to do the same for other women}… I was finally getting closer to what made me happy, I could feel it. Out of personal interest, I began studying holistic nutrition, meditation, yoga and eastern philosophies. I found so many answers to my own life's questions that I became very passionate about sharing what I was learning with other women... with curiosity, humility and joy, I had stumbled upon my calling. 




Every day I teach the benefits of meditation, holistic wellness, yoga, essential oils and conscious living - I am so grateful I get to do this work!  I offer most of my services to women via private gatherings. I created Meditation Pusher to teach people the profound benefits of having a daily meditation practice that helps you access your peace, activate your power and unlock your potential. Plus I am still giving back; my husband and I purchased a school in Haiti as a wedding present to each other through the Pinball Clemons Foundation when we got married. I continue to volunteer where I can and mentor young women towards their professional goals. In 2018, my husband and I decided to embark on the VISION 2020 Journey with The Toronto Foundation to thoughtfully create our own source for giving - Theine Foundation.

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