I grew up with a lot of books, art, culture and travel...and hip hop and gangster movies. In The Godfather II, Hyman Roth says to Micheal Corleone "Good health is the most important thing. More than success, more than money, more than power..." I've learned through personal experience, training and research that the latter cannot be sustained without the former.

With that in mind, Nas and Tony Montana both said "the world is yours" and I've always taken that to mean we create the world around us {on a micro and macro level}; imagine my surprise when I began studying Eastern philosophies and discovered ancient teachings that taught the same thing - we have the power to make and remake our lives every day. INCREDIBLE. I believe we are responsible for ourselves first - yes, but we also have a responsibility to each other and to this planet we all call home. Read below for the summary of my journey here to you. Mad Love.

- A


Conscious Living Guide. Meditation Instructor. Yoga Teacher {500hrs}. Holistic Nutritionist. Essential Oils Educator. Wellness Workshop Facilitator. Speaker. Writer. Mentor. {former} International Business Executive - London + Paris.



I was a quiet kid with my nose in a book most of the time, but around age 8 I became a full throttle extrovert. Silence was uncomfortable for me so I tried to make everyone around me happy...all the time. My parents put me in french immersion from kindergarten through to my final year in high school... so yes, I can speak French {but rather slowly}. I was 13 when I volunteered at the West Scarborough Boys & Girls Club and realized that giving back was always going to be a part of my life. I went on to study international business and secretly fell in love with global economics. My Mandarin teacher told me he appreciated my positive attitude and grit {谢谢}, but still I “should drop his class and take Spanish”... to this day I regret that I quit something because someone else thought it would be hard for me.


In my late 20s, I came to the realization that I had built my life on other people's expectations {or maybe lack thereof?!}.  I set about rebuilding my life on my own terms. I found professional success in the luxury industry in Toronto, London and Paris, but deep in my heart I knew that field wasn't my calling. I wanted to help people and didn't know where to start; I volunteered as an ambassador for the Canadian Women's Foundation {and personally moved 2 women out of poverty and helped raise funds to do the same for other women}. I was finally getting closer to what made me happy, I could feel it. Out of personal interest, I began studying holistic nutrition, meditation, yoga and eastern philosophies. I found so many answers to my own life's  questions that I became very passionate about sharing what I was learning with other women... with curiosity, humility and joy, I had stumbled upon my calling. 




Every day I teach the benefits of meditation, yoga, holistic wellness and conscious living - I am so grateful I get to do this work!  I created two companies with a mission to share this practice with everyone - across all demographics. Meditation Pusher focuses on sharing the game changing results of having a daily meditation practice and The Deeper Wellness addresses everything else to help people really live well from the inside out. Plus I am still giving back, my husband and I purchased a school in Haiti as a wedding present to each other through the Pinball Clemons Foundation when we got married. I continue to volunteer where I can and mentor young women towards their professional goals. In 2018, we decided to embark on the VISION 2020 Journey with The Toronto Foundation. 

Lastly, I discovered I'm actually an outgoing introvert and silence is now one of my favourite things. You can connect with me here or select an option below to learn more about my work. Obviously this isn't everything but it's been one helluva of a ride so far...NAMASTE.